Based in South-East Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region, Olivia Ruth is a musical force to be reckoned with.  Whether  performing solo, as a duo, or with her band, she is fast becoming recognised for epic live music performances.  Her band’s distinctive rock-infused sound is a product of Olivia’s dynamic and unique vocals, impressively-crafted original songs, and a tight and solid group of artists who are passionate about their music.  Their gigs showcase a range of musical styles, from gentle acoustic-driven ballads and funky blues-inspired songs through to powerful rock-solid anthems.


Olivia Ruth Jeffery
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Dean Rehbein

Tim Weire




We know that everything is difficult around COVID restrictions, lockdowns, gig cancellations and general uncertainty about a range of things at the moment.

It is August 2021, and the reality is that there will be interruptions to a lot of things in the future.   This is an unfortunate fact of life at present.
This is very difficult for everyone.  We feel your pain, believe us.

We will try to do live music gigs when and where we can.
Live gigs will be posted on the Facebook page, and also here on this web site page.

We at Olivia Ruth hope to see you soon at a live gig.  Or else, keep an eye out for online live performances on our Facebook page.

Take care everybody, and we hope that you are all travelling well.


Q&A with Olivia and Jethro, and maybe a couple songs 😉 To tip, please go to https://www.paypal.me/oliviaruth3

Posted by Olivia Ruth on Sunday, 3 May 2020

…more coming SOON…!


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Listen to the tracks from the Olivia Ruth EP, ‘Love & Liquor’



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“That is some kind of voice. Magnificent.”
– Richard Wilkins, Aust TV presenter (MTV, Today Show)

“…her raw power and vocal range you have to hear to believe, one minute growling and gravelly and a very low tone and the next hitting flute notes vocally that Minnie Ripperton would be proud of…”
– Pete Clarkson

“Janis Joplin-like.  Wow.”
– Karl Stefanovic, Aust TV presenter (Today Show)



Olivia Ruth: “Let Our Cattle Have a Drink”[*LANGUAGE WARNING*]


Olivia Ruth | Rockit Live Studios | Full Session | 2019
An exceptional full set of original songs by Olivia (solo)


Olivia Ruth | Rockit Live Studios | “He Plays The Blues” | 2019
After the session, she casually picked up her guitar and just played this one as well…

Olivia Ruth live on the TODAY show – 2017

Olivia Ruth live at The New Globe, Brisbane: It’s Not


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